Story City Dance

Important Dates

Observation Dates

Come check out what your child has learned on June 27th! 

Summer Session: June 6th-27th

These 4 week classes will give your child the opportunity to try Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop. Participants should wear shoes with socks and comfortable clothes to class. 

4:45-5:30:  3 & 4 y/o
5:35-6:20: 5-7 y/o
6:25-7:10: 8 & up


Classroom Information

Classroom Etiquette

Hair needs to be pulled away from the face in ponytail(s) or a bun. Use clips for those stubborn stray hairs.
Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. No dangling earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.
NO GUM or sticky candy allowed during class. This is a safety issue!
Water should be brought in a bottle that the students can easily drink from and that seals well.
Dry Snacks are encouraged for students who have long classes/waits or come straight from school.
Drop Off/Pick Up Classes will be held at Viking Hall (504 Broad) above the Police Station. Entrance on Park Ave. Parents, after your dancer is comfortable we do ask parents to please drop your children off and pick them up, staying only during observation classes. The library is a great place to wait. If you feel you need to stay we ask that you are quite and sit out of view of dancers to avoid distractions during class.  In wet weather, please remove boots before coming into the class space. Winter gear, backpacks and coats can be placed in the coatroom by the bathrooms. Thank you for understanding.
Observation Days are to photograph and videotape your dancers in class.

Classroom Attire- No requirement for Summer

At Story City Dance, we have a dress code that ensures our students an equal and positive experience. Shoes & tights need to be purchased through us and leotards/dresses much be the correct color. Students may either purchase them new, used from another Story City dancer or borrow them from our borrow box.

Order Attire Here:

Class Attire Per Class:

Leotard/Dress Colors:
Shine- Black
Bright Starts- Lilac
Little Lights-Light Pink

Bright Stars & Little Lights- U Shell Tap & Ballet Slipper
Shine- Slip on Jazz shoe & Ballet Slipper

Hip Hop: Dancers should wear black pants or shorts with Story City Dance Shirt and comfortable shoes. Matching shoes will need to be purchased only for spring recital session only.