About Us

All-Volunteer Department

Our completely volunteer service is made up of community members who desire to serve and provide pre-hospital emergency medical care to our community.  To learn a little more about us, check out some of the questions we are frequently asked below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The official EMS symbol, Star of Life, is pictured above  Each bar represents one of six functions of EMS which are: Detection, Reporting, Response, On-Scene Care, Care in Transit, and Transfer to Definitive Care.   The serpent and staff represent medicine and healing.

EMS is the system that provides the emergency medical care needed by people who have been injured or have an acute medical emergency.

Detection-community members who detect a need for emergency medical response, which can include: sick person, physical injuries, car crashes, or falls.
Reporting-once there is a detected need, call 9-1-1.  The Story County dispatch center will take your call and send out notifications to us in two ways: by pager (yes, we still wear pagers on our waists with audio calls), and via a phone app called ‘Active 911’.  


Response-once paged, available members will respond to the Fire Station to respond in one of our two response vehicles to the scene.  Many of us are leaving our jobs, families, and other commitments to respond to calls-meaning there will be a small delay in our response.  We’re thankful to our local law enforcement agencies, who are usually able to get there prior to our arrival.  
On-scene care.  For our unit to respond, there will always be an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), and our scope of practice is determined by our Medical Director.  Care we will provide will be: vital sign assessments, administration of medications within our scope of practice, trauma assessment, bleeding control, splinting of extremities, lift assists, and CPR/AED administration. 
Story City First Responders do not transport patients to the hospital.  The ‘Care in Transit’ and ‘Transfer to Definitive Care’ part of our EMS system is provided primarily by Mary Greeley Medical Center, and if needed, Story County Medical Center, Boone County, or Jewell Ambulance.  We provide care and assist the ambulance staff to get the patient into the ambulance and clear the scene.  If needed, we will assist the ambulance staff in driving/patient care if necessary.
We are two separate departments who work together to best serve our great community. Our members are separate and hold separate training sessions (though some of our members are also firefighters).  Our vehicles are housed under the Fire Department roof, and we hold all of our trainings and office space in the fire station.  We operate on different budgets and funding sources, including fundraisers.  For motor vehicle accidents (MVA) both Story City Fire and Story City First are paged with Story City Fire taking Incident Command, and Story City First taking emergency medical lead.  During such calls the two departments along with Law Enforcement work as a team to best serve accident victims(s)/patient(s) and those of the affected bystanders.  We appreciate our partnership with the Fire Department.  In addition to MVAs, Story City First Responders provide rehabilitation, also known as rehab, support for Story City Fire  during large structure fires.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1584, Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises, gives guidance for conducting a rehabilitation program.