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Our Department

Front Row: Trent Whipple, Jamie Beck, Ryan Peterson, Tyler Oberender, Kevin Doyle, Brian Watson, Justin Braland

Middle Row:Berry Saunders, Isaac Rahto, Colton Osmundson, Brady Kline, Sam Peterson, Cale Doyle

Back Row: Jake Edwards, Adam Holm, Eric Norris, Ben Harriman, Jake Severson, Chris Engelhardt

Not pictured: John Lamb, Travis Doyle, Dave Kost, Lee Rickerl, Tanner Stevens

Current & Past Members

Officers & Current Members
  • Trent Whipple (Fire Chief)
  • Jamie Beck (1st Asst. Chief)
  • Ryan Peterson (2nd Asst. Chief)
  • Brian Watson (Training Officer)
  • Tyler Oberender (Sec/Treas)
  • Chris Engelhardt (Safety Officer)
  • Kevin Doyle (Safety Officer)
  • Travis Doyle (Training Officer)
  • Eric Norris
  • Tanner Stevens
  • Jake Severson
  • John Lamb
  • Dave Kost
  • Ben Harriman
  • Isaac Rahto
  • Justin Braland
  • Travis Tinken
  • Adam Tryon
  • Jake Edwards
  • Ryan Charlson
  • Chris Conklin
  • Berry Saunders
  • Adam Holm
Retired Members
  • Sam Peterson (2017)
  • Ben Knutsen(2017)
  • Jim Beck(2017)
  • Brian Pringle (2016)
  • Greg Gerjets (2014)
  • Scott Richardson (2014)
  • Kathy Twedt (2013)
  • Adam Lande (2011)
  • ChrisCrutchfield (2011)
  • Don Olson (2010)
  • Scott Nibe (2010)
  • Justin East (2009)

Years of Service Recognitions


Years of Service

John Lamb
Dave Kost
Lysle Macdonald


Years of Service

Jamie Beck
Tyler Oberender


Years of Service

Ryan Peterson
Travis Doyle
Kevin Doyle


Years of Service

Tanner Stevens
Brian Watson
Eric Norris
Chris Engelhardt
Trent Whipple
Jake Severson
Justin Braland

Awards & SCFD Memorial

The Doug Stevens Firefighter of the Year Award

Line of Duty Death

Doug Steven, 42, of Story City/Lafayette Township Fire Department passed Sunday February 6, 2000 in the Line of Duty.

May he rest in eternal peace and may the Good Lord watch over and protect the loved ones, family, and friends that he left behind.

The Award

The main purpose of this award is to further encourage the development, and pride within our department, and also promote the actions of individuals who have well-represented the character and commitment that Doug Stevens left us with on and off the fire scene! It is also our underlying hope that this award will also further encourage such actions of all Story City’s Finest in the future to come. This award will be presented annually to the individual who best exemplifies these characteristics, and encompasses all of these aspects of our department, the members of the department, and the community; first-dedication, second-loyalty, third-productivity, and finally-professionalism. This member must also be an active and a participating member of the department and shall be decided upon by the fire chief and 2 assistant fire chiefs of the department.

We strongly believe that the presentation of this award each year will reflect great credit on all of our firefighters, and the job that they do every time that we are called into action. We also believe that this award will bring greater pride to our department, and community. We believe that all efforts have been expended, and will continue to be expended to assure the integrity, fairness and impartiality to all department members and the nominees now and in the future to come. It is truly our honor to introduce this new tradition in our department, and look forward to its growth, the growth of our members, and the growth in these characteristics in the years to come.


The individual must have longevity in the fire service. He/She has demonstrated the highest degree in dedication and participation within the department, including fire response, training, public education, and other fire service operations.


The individual should also demonstrate allegiance to the department, and its fellow firefighters. Is a team player who supports others’ efforts to achieve the goals of the fire service, supports the fire service by embracing its policy and procedures, engaging only in constructive criticism that will lead to the improvements of the department.


He/She has gone well above and beyond the duties in a manner that exemplifies the competency that all firefighters strive to achieve and which reflect the highest standards of the fire service, and regularly demonstrates the ability to reduce fire losses and to better serve our department, community, and state.


He/She has performed their fire service duties in a manner that exemplifies the competency that all firefighters strive to achieve and which reflect the highest standards of the fire service, which include but are not limited to the use of applicable fire protective equipment such as protective clothing, and breathing apparatus. This person has also demonstrated the ability to lead and follow, depending upon the circumstances.

Award Recipients
Justin Braland
Chris Engelhardt
Travis Doyle
Trent Whipple
Eric Norris
Kathy Twedt
Jamie Beck
Ryan Peterson
Tyler Oberender
Scott Nibe

Story City Firefighter Memorial

Past firefighter, Maynard Olson, dedicated 41 years of his life serving the residents of Story City and the surrounding area. Maynard started with the Story City Fire Department in 1965 and retired in 2006 as 1st Assistant Chief. His legacy and many other will live on within the Fire Department family through this memorial dedicated to those who serve.

In order to purchase a brick paver to be engraved, one must have served on the department for at least 10 years and retired in good standing with the department.

Brick pavers can be purchased by filling out the bottom portion of the Downloadable PDF form and returning it to any current Story City Firefighter, or by contacting Brian Watson at (515) 450-4058. Cost of each paver is &75, with checks payable to “Story City Firefighters Association”.