Emergency Medical Services

Mission Statement

Semper Paratus

To care for and serve the people of Story City and Lafayette Township by minimizing the loss of life through delivering high quality pre-hospital emergency medical care.

Our Team

Mike McGuigan (EMS Chief)
Chris Dahl (Assistant EMS Chief)
Kathy Twedt (Secretary/Treasurer)
Tanner Johnson (Training Officer)
David Kost (Operations Officer)
Berry Saunders
Taylor Blythe
Lauren Hadaway
Derek Zerr
Cale Doyle
Chase Blagg

A Word From Our Chief

Semper Paratus

It is a joy to serve our community with a devoted group of volunteers to provide high quality pre-hospital emergency medical care to all people who call for help in our service area.  We serve a wide variety of populations throughout Lafayette Township and incorporated Story City that include: two schools, a farmer’s co-op, a nursing home, assisted living facilities, many apartment buildings, a large main street business area, several large manufacturing facilities, several sports facilities, and a large camp. We also cover 10 miles of Interstate 35 and several square miles of rural residences and roads, including into Boone and Hamilton County.  In our 20 years of existence, much has changed over the years.  Our crew has valuable new resources to help us provide the best service possible.  All of these resources are housed in our two trucks: our primary unit, 875, a used Mary Greeley Ambulance, and 975, a red four wheel drive Ford Explorer.  Our crew of 11 individuals includes 6 EMT medics, and 5 other providers, all of whom are volunteers helping to cover our 300+ calls for service every year. We are funded by the City, and Lafayette Township, as well as private donations to help pay for upgraded equipment to help us serve at a high capacity.  Please take time to view our website and reach out with any questions you have.  If you’re interested in joining the team or have any questions, please reach out to us at EMSchief@cityofstorycity.org.  

Past & Retired Members

Cassie Edwards
Adam Tryon
Travis Tinken
John Lamb
Janine Lamb
Mike Koch
Chris Conklin
Don Olson
Scott Richardson
Kynan Lykins
Lee Haydon
Jessica Campbell
Rick McHugh
Kenny Wiese
Paige Peckham
Jim Pepper
Jacob Handsaker
Colton Osmundson
Jenessa Richardson
Lyle McDonald
Cory McFarland
Clint McFarland
Ben Knutson
Note: Not all former members listed.